BBQ Roasted Veggies

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Jesse and I started doing this on the BBQ just before I left for Ontario so I thought I would try in on the open beach BBQ (yes, life is tough sometimes). In this picture you will notice that, below the meat medley that my dad is monitoring, there is a tin foil package of chopped up onions, root vegetables and peppers covered in olive oil, basil, thyme, oregano and pepper. They took WAY longer on the fire than they did on the BBQ and beware of burning and disintegrating tinfoil underneath. On the regular BBQ it seems to take about half an hour to 40 mins depending on size of pieces and heat of the BBQ.

We served this with the array of meats and a salad of fresh peach, mango, blueberries, avocado cucumber, tomatoes and chives. The fam didn’t even realize they had been paleo’d.