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I learn a lot from you guys in observation and conversation; and not just in a biomechanics/orthopedic/nerdy way. I get to have some really interesting conversations with you when we are in treatment, and although you may not know it, you guys help keep me in check a lot of the time. The other day I was treating someone new to me and he said something that I have always believed but have recently forgotten: Life isn’t about being perfectly balanced in the moment, but rather in the big picture. We have to accept that certain pieces come and go in priority and strength. Overall balance CAN be achieved but trying to balance every piece in every moment is impossible. (and then you get sick)

Thanks anonymous new client 😉 Your words were timely for me (and I don’t think you even knew it).

Here’s to daylight for the 7am class and signs that spring is around the corner.


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