Bacon Weave Frittata

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This might be the best food blog entry yet……

from Bic:

“This is for all the food groupies who are finding it hard to stomach eggs every morning. I have to admit, I think I’m over 3 months strong in my pursuit of the perfect breakfast eggplosion, and I haven’t tired of them yet. This meal is dedicated to Jesse’s BACON STRIPS t-shirt, because after watching a few episodes of Epic Mealtime I now know what the shirt means. Here it is, straight up simple!

Step 1: Bring out yo BACON! Not sure how much? MORE, that ‘s how much! Weave that shit up, cause that’s how we roll…over, under, over, under, hell throw a double under in there if you want! Now put that bacon weave on a pan and bake it up til you just can’t bear it any longer.

Step 2: Get your pan warming up and ready to go. No not the little pan, the BIG one! This ain’t no tea time snack, this is a Bacon Weave Frittata!

Step 3: Crack 6 eggs in a bowl, and beat them up good. You can’t eat 6 eggs? Don’t worry, the bacon weave is like a beer bong for breakfast feasts. BAM!

Step 4: Now chop up some green onion. Make your food look goooooooooood!

Step 5, 6, 7: Time to wrap this shit up, I’m getting hungry…flip that oven to broil and pour half your eggs in the big ass, well lubed up pan and let it sizzle for a few minutes. Then grab that pre-broiled bacon weave, and drop it in your egg mixture and get ready to bring this home. Top that bacon weave off with rest of the egg mixture and some green onion. Throw that pan in the oven under the broiler and watch the action. DON’T PUT YOUR PAN WITH A PLASTIC HANDLE IN THE OVEN FOOL! This ain’t no amateur shit, go buy a pan that can go in the oven so you can create more bacon weave magic if you need to!

Ok, done with the Epic Mealtime inspired narrative. Go youtube Epic Mealtime and watch an episode before you read this!! Thanks for introducing me to it J.Bif.

Sean Bic”

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