Away for 6 days: Remembering Grandma

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Just a quick update that I am leaving tomorrow morning (Thursday) for Ontario for my Grandma’s memorial and won’t be back until next Wednesday. Where I’m going cell coverage is spotty and internet coverage is… well…. the kind where you make dinner while you are waiting for it to connect so I will be checking messages and emails infrequently. If you need to get in touch with Jesse while I’m away please use as goes to my account so your message may get lost until next week!

My Grandma was 96 years old and and lived a very active life. Well into her 80’s she skied with us, rowed her boat at the cottage (which I’m pretty sure she bought in her late 70s), and walked every day until she was too forgetful to leave the house alone 😉 .

Grandma Bell, Wood Lake, Muskokas

…. this is a reminder of why we put the effort in that we do.

Have a great week