Augusts Last Stand and the Changing Times

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This is it folks: August 31st. Hopefully we’ve got a couple more months of sunny afternoons and pleasant temps. But the summer is closing out. This next 5-7 days means a lot of different things to different people. For some the vacations are done and the busy work schedule is about to start back up. Some are back to school (students and teachers), some have kids just starting out on the long road of education, and for 4 of you it’s moving on to the next level of education. Connor, Cory, Nico, and Keenan head of to school this fall, and all for really bad*ss stuff. Cory’s playing football for Kamloops, and Connor, Nico, and Keenan are off to UBC with a ton of scholarships to do really smart things. I’ve been trying really hard to think of important words of wisdom to pass along. I thought of stuff like:

-Work as hard out there as you work in the gym. Day in day out. Nobody owes you anything.
-Keep your eyes up and on your goals. You can do this and still have a lot of fun.
-Remember if success was easy everyone (probably) would be successful.

Then I thought of the Freshman 15. The Urban Dictionary defines the Freshman 15 as: “in the first year of college, students will usually eat more than usual and not exercise as much, thus gaining weight (usually about 15 pounds)” DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! From this point on you should be climbing the “bell curve of handsomeness”; don’t stifle this climb. Here is a list I composed to help you avoid pitfalls and determine friend from foe (think of me as the useful information you can reference in the Menu, Options page when you pause your game):

Friend: The barbell (you can find these in most any weight room)
Foe: The jacked up dumbbell giving you advice on how to lift
Friend: The 5AM alarm clock waking your well rested body up to go and train
Foe: The guy banging on your door at 3AM with a couple of Hot Pockets (I literally mean Hot Pockets)
Friend: Parties that involve more girls than guys
Foe: Parties that involve hairy men and body armour made of beer boxes
Friend: Training partners
Foe: Drinking partners

And as always meat is your friend and the gym your safe house. Lock it down boys. Good luck!

The Freshman 15


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