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Kale started with us in the beginning of February. John decided that it would be a good idea for him to come to the 6am classes with him. We can only imagine how this conversation would go with a 13 year old. Kale was pretty shy at first. It took a little bit to crack him. I was initially quite curious what he thought about the 6am class, which is made up predominantly with men, Mel, and Julie. John said it was the banter that Kale enjoyed the most.

As a 13 year old boy, let’s be honest, Kale has long limbs. A big part of learning the movements has been learning to work with lever lengths that, have been, and are constantly changing. We sort of take it for granted that our arms, legs and feet are at a constant length.

The first day that I realized that Kale had a little sass in him was on the 400m walking lunge. Kale was leading the group with Rob and looking reasonably comfortable, John was chippering away near the back and clearly verbalizing how not comfortable he was. As Kale passed him on his way back from the turn around, he stopped and said “Dad, I’m resting, not because I have to, but because I can afford to”. No wonder he fits into this class so well.

What has really impressed me over the last couple of months though are the compiling reports from Kale’s home about his willingness to work hard. Kale often had gym class immediately after his CrossFit class. After one of the benchmarks that we did, he went to school and ran interval laps of the track to beat his old record by 3 minutes. He also spends his weekends riding in the bike park with his dad. After his last final exam the class was given the option to do a series of fitness tests for extra credit and Kale signed himself up for them all (and it sounded like A LOT). This is the kid that Dad reports did not particularly enjoy fitness prior to CrossFit. And most impressively, as the school year wrapped up the Hitsman’s learned that Kale had made the honour roll for the first time ever.

So now school is over and Kale is still coming to the 6am class. This blows my mind, but he doesn’t seem overly fussed about it. I warned him that he might forget how to sleep in.

Kale: As the youngest athlete at CrossFit Squamish, you are setting a great example for the adults and the kids!


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