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In October when we were just about to open, I was driving around town putting up posters for our Grand Opening. About 10 minutes after I left Onatah coffee shop I got a call on my cell phone from Christine (now known as CGB due to the extreme number of Christine’s at our gym). She was so excited that she could hardly put her words together and apologized numerous times for being so excited. I think she was our first official phone call. She had a 3 month old baby and was ready to be fit again. (That description covers about 10 other people in the gym!)

Why are we writing about her now?
She is still that happy, motivated and excited to be here. And its consistent, even after sleepless nights. She has the energy to motivate and support other people. She sticks around after workouts as long as she can to support whoever is still working, and then she darts home to nurse her baby (unless the baby shows up at the gym to be nursed!).

We have thought about blogging about her for a while… and then yesterday she showed up to the gym with a card and flowers just to say thanks for doing what we are doing. She beat us to the public appreciation.

And then today she got her first handstand!

Thanks CGB for setting a great example. We love having you around.

Heather & Jesse

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