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At this point most of you have met him…. and if not, you have probably used his squat rack in a class right after him and had to lower it by at least 5 holes, wondering who the $#%$ just used this rack?!

This profile has been a long time coming. I first met Bryce when he came into my clinic room in Whistler in 2008. His hotel management desk job and his recreational golfing had taken a toll on his back. Because of his background as a competitive water polo player he knew he needed to get strong again, and was doing his best with the minimal equipment available at the hotel gym.

I had just taken the CrossFit barbell certification with Rippetoe so one day after a treatment I decided to teach Bryce to deadlift as his homework… in my clinic room… with a broom out of the closet and sent him back to do sets in the gym. Bryce did his homework, had a few more treatments and felt a million times better (we later learned that he is always good at following instructions diligently). CrossFit Squamish was just in the concept stage and I told Bryce (I don’t think we had told ANYONE yet) that one day there would be a CrossFit gym in Squamish and I would email him when it happened. In the summer of 2009, once we secured our space, I emailed Bryce and told him we were opening. He started Foundations in October 2009, and to date he has logged 385 training days with us, plus a bunch here and there when he travels for work.

Bryce’s progress has been…. consistent. I would say he’s a pretty consistent guy. He seems to like routine, and he definitely likes things done properly and efficiently. In fact, one of my favourite things about Bryce is how he calmly, directly, yet politely drops the hammer on the 6am class when people aren’t getting themselves organized for the wod quickly enough. We laugh because he often beats us to it. It is no coincidence that he is where he is in his career 🙂

He’s also super appreciative and often sends us a quick email in the day just to say how much he liked a workout or to thank us for pushing him etc.

He did however have to work though some body stuff the way most people do who have played hard in their lives. Bryce had to carefully manage a rotator cuff issue for about 6 months. He patiently modified his workouts, got treatments when necessary, and his wife Heather named his foam roller “his girlfriend” because of his commitment to “her”. But the best part of Bryce’s process to healthier living was recognizing that his desk at work wasn’t helping his posture. In clinic we kept finding that his rib cage was twisted, and his shoulders were rolled forward. I would say as a health care practitioner that the average person with bad work posture puts medium effort into changing it. Once day Bryce announced that he had built himself a stand up desk:

So. awesome.

He claims his life has improved since then, and that the length of stay for visits into his office have decreased 😉

All his efforts have COMPLETELY paid off. He says very little about his shoulder these days. And with that has come some pretty impressive gains. Now over two years into training CrossFit, Bryce’s lifts and results are spiking the way they do with a new person. He is suddenly running way faster, and he destroyed Isabel last week. ALL his lifts are going up.

Bryce is a great demonstration of effort, consistency and patience.

Bryce, we are so impressed by you and appreciate you coming to train with us. Thanks for roping in Heather too 😉

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