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Brad wandered down from his work at the end of the street for his first class on December 19th. Painfully. His knee was hugely swollen and the prognosis from the MDs was not good. He had some decisions to make. Brad told his physician he had just started CrossFit and was feeling pretty good.. and she was super supportive in giving the go-ahead to try it out for a bit, even though it was going to mean working towards full depth squats. Somewhere around week 3 Brad came up to me at the desk one day and told me he was mad at us because… “you didn’t tell me this $%#^$% was addictive”.

In the last 5 months Brad has been a staple in the 9:30am class. We have watched his squat mechanics like a hawk and he has progressed from partial range airsquats in the beginning to putting up a 245 backsquat . He has also lost 20 Ibs and just recently dabbled in a little running (eventually it had to break him subbing in rowing for running on EVERY wod). Last Saturday Brad ran 3.3 kms in a WOD…painfree. He hadn’t run in 13 years. The guy even whistles when he leaves the gym these days… life can’t be too bad.

On top of that when he went out for his first bike ride of the season (was it the first toonie race? I can’t remember), he gave his long time riding partner a scare by keeping right up to him. Word on the street was that the friend broke a ski date the next day to go train on his bike… love it.

Good luck on the Ore Crusher (bike race) this weekend!

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