As the pushups ramp up and wind down…

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… it’s time to make sure you are managing your body accordingly. Here are a few suggestions to keep your upper body happy while moving forward with your new domination of pushups and associated incredible muscle mass:

1. Stretch your LATS. Best option here is the one we do with the bands off the pullup bar. Get your rib cage right underneath your arm. If you have never done this one (seems impossible to imagine) ask one of us to show you.

2. Pay attention to your TRICEPS. They work so hard but get neglected.

a) Have them worked on if you go to massage or physio (it’s shocking how good you will feel after). Roll them out on the lacrosse ball while lying on the floor.

b) And I personally love the classic stretch with your elbow pointing up to the ceiling, because you can use your assisting hand to add a little myofascial stretch by pulling the skin towards your elbow while you pull your elbow behind your head:

*** Make sure to slide your shoulderblade down your back to keep your shoulder from creeping up to your ear while you are doing this stretch.

3. Stretch, roll out or massage/physio your FOREARM EXTENSORS:

*** Make sure to keep your elbow straight when doing this stretch

4. And of course… open up your chest by stretching your PECS. There are a bunch of great options for this one. My favourites are lying on the foam roller with the ribs anchored down, shoulder blades low and the arms open out to the side:

Or lie on your back and twist one leg over to the floor, then open up the arm to the other side. Your arm may not even come close to the floor (a sign that you need this stretch badly):

Let us know if you have questions.


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