April’s agenda and things to know about

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There is a lot of stuff going on in the gym right now and April is a particularly busy month so we are going to give you a little run down here of everything you need to know for the month ahead:

1. There are 3 more sessions of YOGA/MOBILITY on the schedule for now. I will be running general mobility this Thursday the 5th and Mel will be running yoga the 12th and the 19th. The following week (26th) we are both away.

2. Jesse and I are going on our overdue honeymoon from April 10-18th. All classes are completely as per usual while we are gone and Steve will be teaching. Steve will be handling all day to day requests, but if you need pass holds and other administrative stuff done please try to let me know before (ideally not literally the day before) we go. I will be able to check email while we are away, but generally find tasks in Mindbody to be less than romantic.

3. Most of you have heard by now that Steve will be leaving us at the end of April. He is heading off to Victoria. We don’t want to talk about it 🙁 Tell him how much you love him and maybe he’ll stay?

4. Most of you also know by now that the CROSSFIT GAMES REGIONALS are being held at the Richmond Oval April 27-29. Our gym will be CLOSED that weekend as most coaches in the CrossFit world (myself excluded…see point #5 below) will be involved that weekend. We HIGHLY encourage you to come down and watch or volunteer. These events are very exciting to be a part of and you get to see all sorts of things go down. If you are interested in tickets or volunteering please go to the games site and follow the links.

5. The same weekend as regionals Nils, KJ and myself are going down to Southern California to run a 50km race called Leona Divide. I’m using it as a training run for my big race in July, KJ is using it as a time domain training event for her ironman this summer (this will be her first ultra), and Nils… is usually just up for whatever you present him with.

6. And finally, we haven’t officially told everyone yet, but we are adding 3 new people to our teaching team which is also allowing us to finally expand our program to kids! Last month Slater, Mel and Jenn did their CrossFit Level 1 at our request, which started their apprentice program with us. You will see them shadowing us for the next little bit which will progress into assistant teaching. Stater will eventually be helping us with our regular adult program.

This weekend Mel and Jenn (and their lucky husbands) are in Southern California (can we puuuulleeeeease all just move to California) at the CrossFit Kids Certification. We are so excited for them. Of all the courses that Jesse and I have taken, the Kids cert had by far the most heart and passion behind it. Learning about the goals of teaching kids inadvertently highlights the components of coaching adults (that nobody ever talks about) that make it so rewarding. We have a lot of planning to do before we can launch our kids program. Please be patient while we figure out the start date, structure, timing, available numbers etc. We promise will tell you the details as soon as we know it 🙂 Like everything else we do in our gym we want it to be great and refuse to do a half fast job!


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