Apple Butter Cups Halloween Treat

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This little gem took me a few tries to get right but it was worth it. You could use any filling you want to mimic the classic peanut butter cup… I thought about almond butter and macadamia nut butter but in the end chose apple butter.


* Dark semi-sweet chocolate
* Organic apple butter


* Prepare small cupcake liners (silicone is ideal but paper seemed to work ok… it just made it a little more tedious to unwrap to eat)
* Use a double boiler or a homemade contraption to melt the chocolate (cut it into small pieces first)
* Pay attention to the chocolate and do not leave it for a second or you will regret it and have to go back to the grocery store.

* Once it’s melted pour a small amount into the bottom of the cups
* Use a brush to cover the sides of the cups… you are making the bottom and side of the “peanut butter cup”
* Place the cups in the fridge to set for 30ish minutes.
* Fill the cups with a small amount of apple butter and flatten it into the cup leaving enough room to close off the top with more chocolate.
* Melt more chocolate and cover the tops and put them back in the fridge for another 45ish minutes.