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Warning, this challenge may be dangerous, and difficult. It will most certainly be unpleasant. CrossFit Squamish does not condone this event… Though we will keep score:)

A couple weeks ago a friend of Cliff’s (no surprise) called me up and asked if we’d be willing to give them a hand with moving some cement bags around. This sounded up our alley so I said yes. Since then I’ve been waiting for a Saturday with better weather. But, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen any time soon. So here’s the deal:

At the bottom of the Chief hiking trail is a pallet with about 40 bags of cement on it (60# each). Every bag needs to be carried to one of the 4 locations on the Chief trail, the highest being at the halfway mark. Here are the rules of the game:

1. You have to carry the bag without help from others. A backpack is undoubtably the best choice.

2. Each location will have a different point value attached to it (highest drop=4 points, 2nd highest drop=3 points, 2nd drop=2 points, closed drop=1 point). Make sure you’re sure which one you dropped your sandbag off at. Each location has a max (which will be listed at the drop point). There should be some paperwork at each, please fill it out.


4. Let me know how many bags you’ve moved, and to which location(s) you’ve moved them.

5. The game ends when no bags of cement remain.

note: I’ve been told that each bag delivered to a location is worth $15. I feel like in the spirit of the event if you write CFS as the carrier then we’ll pool all the money raised and use it for something fun (yet to be determined) for the gym. It’ll be a sad party though if we only have $15.

Also, 2 years ago a guy I worked with fell while hiking the Chief (without a 60# bag of cement) and broke his leg in three places resulting in a heli evac. Be smart.


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