Adjusting To Fall Schedules

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The turning point is tomorrow…. back to school time. This seems to mean a change in routine for most people even if you don’t have kids. I think we are all programmed to try to get our $%&* together at this time of year. Here is what is going on schedule wise around here these days….

1. We are seeing quite a few people returning from being away for the summer. This is going to mean that classes are going to be full and waitlists are going to start to happen more frequently. Please be fair to your training partners and stick to the following guidelines:

– Don’t sign out of morning classes after 10pm. Just don’t do it, it’s not cool for those who are on the waitlist or were hoping to sign into something before bedtime. It also doesn’t make it any better if your reasoning is because “there wasn’t a waitlist”… because you don’t know what other late sign out shenanigans happened right before you, or who might have signed in had there been an empty space when they looked at 9:55pm.
– Please don’t sign up for multiple waitlists in the same day. It makes it very difficult for other people to get onto a waitlist and if you step away from your email for a few hours and happen to get into all those classes in the mean time, you are being a class hog.
– Please try not to “hold” a class while you are waitlisting for another. This tends to make the whole system move much more slowly than it should.

Overall the waitlist system works really well when people stick to good etiquette 🙂

2. The CrossFit Kids program is now up and running on Thursdays and Saturdays. On Saturdays we have adjusted the adult classes around this for ease of kid tradeoff. The regular adult classes are now 6:30am, 7:30am, 10 and 11. If you were signed into a class before we made the change, you are still in that class in it’s slightly adjusted time (eg. if you were in the 9:15 before you are now in the 10 as they are both the 3rd class of the morning).

That’s it for logistics for now…. We promise the blog posts will go back to fun events and props again next time 🙂