A very quick weekend update

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3 days later and minus 2 voices we are back home after head judging all weekend at UBC’s Thunderbird Arena for the Canada West Regionals. It was sensory overload to say the least. Being amongst the top athletes in Western Canada was a treat. You get a really great sense of the spectrum of athlete’s attitudes and will. We worked under a great team of directors (Reed and Chris from Taranis, and Dave from North Van) and we managed a phenomenal group of judges. The work ethic across the board was impressive.

Steve from Whistler fought an amazing battle and finished 4th overall. I’m sure the fire is more stoked than ever and that his quest for 2012 begins tomorrow. Just a guess 😉 The most impressive part was watching him blaze through WOD # 6, while others looked sluggish, to take the win on that WOD. There is a huge amount of glory in that.

There were many many highlights, but among my faves were watching a girl PR her deadlift on the first rep of the deadlift/box jump wod, and watching another girl get her first muscle up ever in wod 5 and then do 5 more! In both cases, each girl actually hugged her judge when she got the first rep. But the moment that takes the cake for me, and renewed my appreciation for what the CrossFit world is about, was when in Reed’s closing ceremony speech he gave the crowd a 3-2-1-go for a cheer for all of the volunteers, and the sound that came from the spectators (who filled only one side of the arena) was on par with a goal for the Canucks. I’m serious. It was overwhelming. THAT’S the CrossFit spirit.

Thanks to all of you who made the trip down to help out, watch, support, and represent our gym. Word on the street is that the bulk of volunteers for the event came from Squamish, Whistler and Taranis! We felt really proud of that.

See you guys this week…… sorry if we are a little scratchier sounding but way louder than usual.


p.s. sorry no interesting photos from the event… I took zero. But we did get a sweet banner for the gym.