A Solid and Diverse Weekend for CFS Athletes

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This past weekend CrossFit Squamish had a bunch of athletes (Mel, Slater, Karen, and Kathleen) competing in very different types of events around southern BC, and the results were the same at each event: PR’s all around.

* CF Weightlifting Meet (Snatch + Clean and Jerk, Semiahmoo)
Slater: 180.8+220.5= 401.3#
Mel L: 99.2+132.3= 231.5# (1st in division)

* Monster Erg National 2000m Indoor Rowing Championships (Victoria)
Kathleen: 7:19.0 (2nd place in Masters (1st in age category); the woman who beat her set a new Masters World Record… take a moment, and read that again)

* Biathlon (Whistler)
Karen: 1st woman (7th/51 overall)

I saw a t-shirt on someone Saturday at the Weightlifting event that said: “We train as a team, we win as a team”. Don’t hesitate to congratulate the athletes who competed this weekend, these people represent all of us and our community. They chose to compete and did an excellent job worthy of praise.

Jesse & Heather (the proud parents of CFS)

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