A Note to you from our Programmer: Now—>The Open!

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As we leave 2015 behind and begin 2016 it not only marks a change in annual numeration but also the final weeks leading us all to the 2016 CrossFit Open. I’ve always thought of the lead up towards the Open as an opportunity for all athletes (regardless of skill level, physical capacity, or interest) to spend some time really putting their weaknesses under the microscope and making positive changes in a time appropriate fashion (ie. sooner than later).


Every Year:
Double Unders
C2B Pull-ups
Snatch or Power Snatch
4 out of 5 Years:
Box Jumps
Burpees or BF Burpees
Cleans/Clean and Jerk
3 out of 5 Years:
OH Squats
2 out of 5 Years:
1 out of 5 Years:
Push Press
*I think this is a sure thing again this year
– Prepare for moderate to high rep wallballs
– Prepare for one couplet being a C2B and hands overhead (thrusters, OH squats, other) combo. Is this the year we do straight up Fran?!
– Plan on seeing ALL the movements that fall into the every effin’ year column… every…. effin’… year. Rather than hope something that you aren’t great at doesn’t come up, do everything in your power between now and then to get comfortable with those things. 7 weeks with a driven and motivated athlete is still a long time to make changes.
– During training start to think about how you’re distributing your time when you’re on the clock. Rests, chalk, walking around, water breaks are the things that open the door for other athletes to pass by you. How much do you still have “in the tank” when you finish your workout? Everyday is not a competition day, but you do need to know when to push it… Push it real good.
– Know that it always comes down to a 1 or 2 reps that separate you and a whole bunch of others. The wrong side of the bottle neck is a pooie place to be.
– Things could change: new movements, format, style, loads, reps, rounds, etc, who even knows. But, spending your time thinking about these things is like having a terrible diet and putting all your efforts towards reading up on Ox Bile or Digestives Enzymes (make sense?).
What we have going for us:
– What’s listed above is what I’m thinking about when I’m programming and the coaches or myself are talking you through objectives for each day.
– We’ve still got 7 weeks + 5 more during the Open to make awesome changes.
– Chris has been a huge and very positive addition to our weekly training. His attention to detail and knowledge of the olympic lifts is certainly helping us successfully press onward.
-The people at your disposal:  Heather, Tonya, and Karen (these three have been working with CrossFitters for a long time and work with more CrossFitters than anyone else in town), Jayde (gymnastics), Chris (olympic lifting), myself for (powerlifting, accessory, and midline).
What do you need to do:
– Put your best efforts in. Quality, consistency, intensity.
– Really think about the points and movements listed above.
– Know what you don’t know (or someone else knows more of) and use that to your advantage. The people you have access to are smart and have been at it for a long time. Utilize them.
-More to come on this soon but know that moving forward Dave’s classes will still have a component of skills but the metabolic conditioning on these days will pack a little more punch, we’re through the “not for time” phase. Mmmwwahahahaha.