A little nostalgia…

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For those of you who have been with us for a little while now (and may not have browsed our website since Foundations)…. we just had the gallery updated and there is now a complete set of photos in the album called “and so it begins”. I hadn’t looked at them in a while and to be honest it still gives me a bit of a feeling of discomfort thinking about how long the days were, trying desperately to get the doors open. I think was probably the closest I have been in my life to the sleep deprivation that new parents experience. The gym became our baby (sorry mum and dad because I know you read this…that will have to do for now).

What drove us forward during that time was the notion that we were actually finally putting into action the space that we had imagined for a long time. And then we swept the floor late at night on the final day of renovations and it all felt a little empty because there were still no people. It’s quite hard to believe that was only 3 months ago, as now there is a strong community of very dynamic characters. And by characters, I mean that you make us laugh a fair bit at the end of the day.

Enough time has passed that we are starting to see changes in people…. we know some of the changes that we see in certain people….

Please post to comments the changes (mental, physical or other) that you have noticed in yourselves (or someone else if you feel like pointing them out!) over the past few months…even if you are newish… you can post anonymously if you want.