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Recognize this little one from the gym last week???

You obviously all noticed that we were away this weekend on a course. We went to the CrossFit Kids Coaching Certification. It was really really fun. We weren’t sure what to expect as most of the courses that we have done have been very technical in content. What we entered was an amazing little bubble of a gym call CrossFit BrandX in Ramona, California. Ramona is an hour outside San Diego and the first town that is truly separated by some empty land. It has 35,000 people, 1 sit down restaurant (not including fast food chains), 1 motel (that advertises colour television), and a whole lot of empty retail spaces. But up on the hill is a warehouse that contains CrossFit BrandX which has an amazing little subculture. It is the headquarters for CrossFit Kids training staff and they have had a hugely successful kids program there for the past 6 years (along with martial arts and a regular adult CrossFit program). The owners Mikki and Jeff Martin are amazing, and their passion for CrossFit and Kids was more than evident. There were 37 of us in the course and the time was divided between lectures on the science behind learning in children, demonstrations of movements and cues for kids, and a ton of games and mini workouts. We did flippin burpees (burpee followed by a forward roll), waddled around like ducks, built forts, moved forts and climbed though them, and played a (slightly scarey) game of CrossFit dodge ball (just wait, you know its coming)… all with a CrossFit spin. I maintain that you can make adults do anything if you just make it a little competitive and call it a workout.

There is so much more to the Kids programming than you would initially guess… its not just a scaled down version of an adults program. It’s programming designed to meet the needs of that population, with goals like increasing bone density and development of the vestibular system (inner ear and balance). If you haven’t checked out the CrossFit Kids website yet, I would highly recommend it!

We are in the application process to become a CrossFit Kids affiliate. We are taking the steps towards getting this program up and running but can’t make any promises of time frame just yet.

We also wanted to congratulate you guys for playing hard this weekend. There was no internet at our hotel (or anywhere for that matter), but we managed to poach a ladies fitness gym wireless connection by parking in their parking lot, and were able to post our blogs and check comments. We were so proud of you guys for doing the posted wods, together or on your own, and then posting results including mods and what you drank or ate while doing it. We had a good chuckle.

After meeting and chatting with other affiliate owners we felt very proud of you guys and were excited to come home.


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