A Gorilla, Nutrition, and Yoga

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What do these three things have in common?… Well they all fit into one blog post.

Gorilla. Check mark.

Nutrition. Remember that this Thursday’s Open Gym has been switched out for a Nutrition talk. This talk is about achieving a higher performance output and feeling strong. Good eating is critical to training/working near your capacity. Note: this will not be on the books again until the fall (at earliest).

“Think about your nutrition as the Bull at a rodeo. The best rider can only score a max of 50 pts. The bull is worth the other 50 of a perfect score. If your a champ, but your nutrition is poor your going to come up short.”
– Jesse

Yoga. If you’re keen, this Sunday is your last chance. Alli has a busy couple of months coming up with school so she’ll be off the ranch for the next while.

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