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Both CrossFit and our gym has come a long way since the fall of 2009, and like any performance system there must be constant progressive adaptation based on knowledge, experience gained, and a willingness to critically re-evaluate anything to achieve continually better results (at all levels). Two things are different this month:

Thing 1 (with the bushy blue hair on the left): To allow for better mobility prep, food timing, clothing preparation, health care timing, and coordination with multiple sports we will now have a private group on Facebook where by 10PM on Sunday night-ish we’ll have posted the week’s workouts. Concerns: A) Athletes pick and choose: They pick the days they like and choose not to come the days they don’t like (not great choices when it comes to bettering your weaknesses). B) Stress/anxiety from knowing what’s ahead. C) Athletes knowing what’s ahead of them versus being able to perform any task at any time. If we feel like these things are being kept in check and the benefits are outweighing the disadvantages this system will prevail. Note: you don’t have to be part of the group if you don’t want to know what’s ahead, we just want to make it available for those who it will have a positive effect on. On that same note please respect those who don’t want to know what the workout is the same way you don’t want to know the hockey score for the game you PVR’d (good analogy right?). The group will be called CFS Weekly WODs and will be available to all current members of CFS. You can request on Facebook to join the group or you can add each other to the group but we will approve all new members before they can see the content. It is also important to know that this page is merely for us to post the workouts and not an online version of “gather around” question/panic time. Here is the link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/323674544448919/

Thing 2 (with the bushy blue hair on the right): Comp Team 2.0 has seen some changes in the last month. Programming has taken an even greater divergence from that of regular classes, as the needs and requirements for a competitive CrossFit athlete are ever increasing and diverging from that of a athlete training CrossFit for progression in other sports, life, better health and fitness etc., as well as the schedule has slightly changed. Comp Team now trains the same schedule and start times as regular classes (though duration may vary), with the addition of Thursday as a skills day. This is to allow for a more flexible schedule and thus better attendance. We also hope that this will remove the barriers for new Comp Team members who where previously restricted by schedule. Here are the ins/outs to be part of/maintain part of the new Comp Team:

A) High quality and full range of motion on all movements
B) Injury/issue free
C) Can Rx most all workouts that come up in training
D) Able to train a minimum of 5 sessions a week
E) Must compete for CrossFit 3 times per calendar year
F) Sit down meeting prior to joining Comp Team
G) Cost: $20/month

In some of these there’s wiggle room and in some there is none. The goal with this group is simple: Build the best CrossFit Athletes we possibly can. From our town of 17 000, and our gym of 180, we had 3 of our 10 Comp Team athletes go to Regionals as Individual competitors. We’ve observed, critically reviewed, and tinkered with our programming (like Velociraptors testing the fences… for those of you who watched Jurrassic Park in 1993.. egad!). If you want to be part of this or have any questions, comments, concerns please touch base with me.

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