A bit of a BC Sectionals Hangover

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There is too much to explain about this weekend to honestly even begin to try on this entry….

This weekend was a long time coming… slightly longer than our doors have even been open at CrossFit Squamish. Jesse and I set out to create a competition and an environment for BC CrossFitters that was as inspiring and challenging as the one we experienced last year in Calgary at the Western Canada Qualifier.

I have a hunch that we succeeded. There were definitely some stressful moments in the last few months leading up to this weekend, but overall I would have to say that as crazy busy as last week was, it was not as stressful as it could have been.

We were so proud of our athletes who put their mental and physical capabilities to the test. I’m not sure if they knew how mentally demanding it would be. The boys rocked it steady and smooth….and the girls..well….Soraya: where did that come from????!! We had seen the potential, but we haven’t seen you bite into it like that before. Amazing. And Mel….. you almost brought me to tears a few times in your last WOD. I KNOW that you are now a stronger person for that fight. Mel was one of a handful of athletes from across the province who realized that it was going to be an ugly battle and poured their hearts and souls into completing the task at hand. Those moments to me are the essence of the CrossFit spirit. I wish you could have seen the dynamic between Mel and her judge who was nothing but supportive all the way through.

Having now hosted a large event like this, we truly realize how important the volunteers are. Thank you so much to every single person that helped out along the way. We know that you put in long long long hours, and you stayed positive and energetic the whole time. You treated it like it was your own event. We could have never ever pulled that off without you. We were proud to have you represent CrossFit Squamish and it’s work ethic. (If you volunteered and didn’t get a T-Shirt let me know because there seem to be quite a few left over)

Onwards and upwards little CrossFit Squamish community……

Heather & Jesse

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