A Big Weekend Ahead!

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This weekend is host to two amazing events: Squamish Days Loggers Sports and the 2011 CrossFit Games. First off:

AT: Axe Throw, C: Chokerman’s Race, B: Birling, SS: Stock Saw
This Saturday we’ve got: Andrew (AT, C, SS), Danica (AT), Fern (AT, C, B), Cliff (AT, C), John the Gambler (AT, C, B), Laura (AT, C, B), Ellen (AT), Adrian (AT), KJ (AT), Paul (AT), and myself (AT, C, B, SS…) all competing for Loggers Sports. There will be run offs Saturday morning for both Birling and Axe Throw so it will be a battle to make it to the main show for those events, but all entered in Chokerman’s Race and Stock Saw will compete in the main event. The official show kicks off at 1:30, is free to all, and with so many of our athletes competing it’s going to be a well worth the spectating (trust me, we’re going in the pond for sure:) )
Sunday is the open events. Pros will compete from all over the world with the hopes of prize money and world records. After watching Saturday it’s awesome to see the pros. Entrance fees are $10/person and much like Saturday, well worth attending. Both show last about 3 hours. Official programs are at the gym.

Competitors: We’ve got to be down there on Saturday morning prior to 9AM to Register and pay our event fees (cash + $1 extra for membership). The mandatory competitors meeting is at 9 sharp with the Birling and Axe Throw run offs not long after that. Anyone in the open show will require black pants (talk to me about this if you want a recommendation). Thanks to all of you who stepped up to play, it’s really going to be a fun day.

Volunteer help: In exchange for using the grounds every Thursday night I trade some volly time, and would really like some help. Both Saturday and Sunday CrossFit Squamish is signed up for post event stands clean up. With a bunch of people it’s supposedly very fast with 1 person it may take me some time. If you could help it would be much appreciated. it would be 4:30 until complete each day. post to comments, text, or let me know at the gym. 6 people each day would be BA.

next on the list:


This Friday is the kick off of the 2011 CrossFit Games. If you haven’t been watch the games site time to check it out:

What is the CrossFit Games?
Games Update (Monday)
Masters Events Announced

A general overview: the best 50 men, 50 women, 44 teams, 78 masters men, and 69 master women from around the world will compete in LA at the Home Depot Center from Friday-Sunday in a number of grulling CrossFit events in hope of being crowned the fittest in their category. The whole weekend it broadcast live in HD over the internet for zero cost and can be found here. 3 years ago I followed the games as they posted up results on the internet, 3 years ago I followed it through twitter feeds, and CrossFit Radio, last year I was glued to my computer as the whole weekend was streamed in HD, this year it’s only going to be even better. Jump on board, get into the games spirit, and watch people you know doing things that you do 4-5 days a week.

Weather be damned, this weekend is going to be great.


Post: if anyone has a sweet projector I can hook up to the gym computer I’ll steam the game down there.

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