$5 Yoga

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Something tells me that on the whole most of us are putting a little more effort into getting strong and fast than we are into becoming more flexible. There is a lot of inherent flexibility that develops just from working hard to move through full range of motion with our squats etc… but its not quite enough, especially for those of you that came into the program with old injuries and limited range of motion.

Flexibility will not only make you more efficient at executing the movements, it will also help save you from developing injuries (extreme example: imagine the outcome of a flexible vs. inflexible olympic ski racer crashing and flipping down the hill), and will help keep the “ROM” away from your name on the white board.

I commend those of you who have put effort into this department by utilizing all our amazing array of health care practitioners, stretching after class, or coming to yoga…. and I now encourage everyone else to step up the effort.

Alli’s yoga classes with us on Sunday’s have been amazing for helping us get specifically into the areas that limit us the most. I know the last few weeks have been quite disrupted for most of us (Olympics, hockey game, Oscars), but now I strongly encourage you to spend a little more time working on this part of the picture. Take even 5-10 minutes after class to sit and stretch. Ask us for help in you need some direction. And take advantage of Alli’s great class! All you need is $5 cash and a yoga mat.


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