3rd Annual CrossFit Squamish Mexico Trip

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The timing of this booking is a little more down to the wire this year. Because of that we need to pay the whole thing at the time of booking (which doesn’t make too much of a difference anyways because we are booking so late). Here are the details:

WHEN: Tuesday, January 28th (10:20am departure, 3:37pm arrival) to Tuesday, Feb. 4th (4:30pm departure, 8:10pm arrival)…. best case scenario flight times in my opinion.

WHERE: Melia Cabo Real Resort in Los Cabos Mexico (20 mins from shopping, restaurants and bars in Cabo San Lucas). We picked this resort because it was the best balance of short flight, good reviews, lowest price for good quality.

WHO: Any CFS members, friends and family of CFS people, and owners and members of our other CrossFit gym friends. In the past two years we have had a really random mix of people and it has been super relaxing and really fun.

HOW MUCH: (overall prices have gone up across the board this year at all resorts)
* Single rooms: Gardenview $1710 per person, Oceanview $1850 per person TAX INCLUDED
* Double rooms (same rate for triple rooms as well): Gardenview $1379 per person, Oceanview $1469 per person TAX INCLUDED
* Kids will pay approx. $660-1200 each. It’s all based on the ages.

If you are interested and able to commit and give me a credit card for the full balance by next Monday please let me know by this FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th so that I can collect full info and credit cards over the weekend. If we have enough people to commit by Friday I will gather the info and submit it on Monday. By Friday I need to know what kind of room you want and who your roommate is. People can be added to this trip at anytime after we have made the initial booking but will be subject to the rate that time.

Email me at heather@crossfitsquamish.ca if you are interested or need more info.