2014 Opens at CrossFit Squamish

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Alright all,

Here’s how the Opens are going to run at CrossFit Squamish:

Workout announced at 5PM
*all competing athletes and judges must read and watch the posted info on the CrossFit Games site.

Friday AM:
The heat schedule for Friday night will be posted on the CrossFit Squamish Facebook page.
*any changes or requests need to be made by 12PM. After that your heat time is fixed. Keep in mind that if the workouts are short (which they usually are) then you will all be in and out quickly regardless of when you start. Any athlete that has Regionals potential (individual or team) will need to have their workouts video’d and will likely be in later heats.

Note: the workout for all classes on Friday will be the Open workout. If you cannot make the evening time then you can get your workout in earlier in the day. If you MUST do it on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday please let us know.

Friday PM:
Heat 1 begins at 6:45pm. All subsequent heats follow as per duration and reset times appropriate for the WOD
*there will be a warm up posted and a coach in the warm up area, but the athlete must be ready 2min. prior to their heat beginning.
**this also means that the 6:45 class for the next 5 weeks will be cancelled.
***only registered athletes will be allowed to train after 6:45 (and Darksiders).

If you wish to be a judge please touch base with me this week. I’d like to roster 10-12 judges for the Opens WODs.

To be discussed only after the Friday night WOD.

One of the reasons we’re so excited about running the workouts on Friday nights is the ability for people to come down and watch our athletes compete. The first heat will begin at 6:45 with all other heats to follow in tight succession (the full heat schedule will be posted on our Facebook page Friday morning). We would encourage all our athletes their friends and family to come down cheer and check it out.

The road to the games begins in 3 days!

– CrossFit Squamish Coaches