2011 Washington State Northwest Iron Wars

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Date: 9AM-7PM Saturday, Oct. 15th 2011

What it is: Southern Powerlifting Federation meet. (Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift)

Does it have a CrossFit division? Good question. Yes.

What would I need? Really just a Singlet (I think they’re $50 and are shipped from the Okanagan), a belt and Chucks are also a good idea though.
*If you plan on competing for any Powerlifting or Weightlifting event you’ll always be required to wear a singlet. These are also handy for walks on the beach and epic diving board stunts.

What Bad*ssery will be going on here? Well… Stan Efferding (guy in the picture on the bathroom wall) will be there hoping to PR his Raw Max Rep 500# Bench Press (last time he made 7), 3 other fellas are hoping to total 1900#-2100# in the Raw division. That sort of thing, you know. No biggs:)

Cost? $60 registration + $15 late fee + $30 1 year SPF membership.

If anyone else is interested in either competing or coming down to hang out let me know as soon as. My plan would be to head down Friday afternoon and return Saturday night.


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