2010 Western Canadian Powerlifting Championships

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Time: this Saturday at 2PM
Where: Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver
Cost: $5/person (to watch of course)

What’s the story? Boz and I went down last January and watched the Open. It’s a pretty wierd-o scene (no question, see above video), but we also got the chance to see in person what a 750+ Back Squat looks like… aaaand it’s awesome.

How do I get there? I’ll be heading down a little early to drop off the car for some repairs, but if you want to hop in I’ll depart the gym around 12:30 and have someone else drive my car so it’s not a one way ticket.

Maybe a little post event dinner in the big city?


p.s You may want to bring your running shoes tomorrow morning 😉

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