Grand Opening

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Well it’s the eve of our grand opening. As of tonight we’re feeling good to go, and really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. In the last couple days we’ve been able to “test the system” and tighten the screws with a handful of classes including some new and old friends. Just to be clear as we have fielded some questions about tomorrow, here are a couple points worth noting:

1. You do not have to hit a workout tomorrow. If you want to show up and hang out, eat some BBQ, and have a look around: do it.
2. If you DO want to work out there will be a number of different options, with no set start times for any. Just show up, choose, and grind it out.
(you can always leave your gym gear in the car, sus out the scene, and then decide)

Other than that we hope to see you all tomorrow.

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