1 Year of CrossFit

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A little over a year has pasted since CrossFit Squamish opened, and some of you are sharing this weekend as your own CrossFit anniversary. Krista, Troy, Soraya, AK, Jo, Jen W, Handsome John H, Boz, Bryce, and Mike are the first to say they’ve made there first year of CrossFit (though some of you owe a couple extra weeks/months). We hope as everyone reaches the 1 year mark you take a minute to think about the year gone by and give yourself some credit. Know that many people don’t even make it in the door, and of those who do, many don’t make the 6 month mark. With each year under you belt you become a rarer and rarer breed. Better, Stronger, Faster. Congrats all. Remember where you’ve come from, work as hard as you can everyday, and keep your eyes on the future.

Jesse and Heather