1 week countdown to the Qualifier

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We are one week out from the BC Sectional Qualifier for the 2010 CrossFit Games. As most of you have figured out by now, Matt, Mel, Soraya, Mike and Troy will be competing. Having competed last year, Jesse and I both know how they feel right now in anticipation of the event. Tonight, next weekend’s WODs will be released in a blog post on the 2010 Games site along with video descriptions of the workouts and movement standards. Last year the announcement of the WODS was a huge relief for us as we could stop worrying about what could happen and instead try to visualize what was going to happen.

Thanks in advance to everyone who has volunteered for the event. You guys are awesome and we appreciate you so much! We will be getting in touch with everyone over the next few days to let you know what your job will be. For anyone who is not registered as a volunteer, but would like to watch the event you have 3 options…
1. Go to the 2010 Games site and purchase a spectator ticket ($50 is good for two people for both days)
2. Purchase a spectator ticket at the door
3. Follow the event live on the internet at “ustream” by searching BC Sectional

You have likely noticed a lot of new faces in the gym lately. We have had a lot of people finish Foundations now that the Olympics are over and they are all filtering in to regular classes. Classes are much busier now than when you had your first regular class so if you see someone who looks like a deer in headlights when we say pull out a rack or get into pairs for the WOD, please help them a long a little….everyone knows it’s not a scary environment once they’ve done each thing once… but until then… i’m not sure they are convinced we aren’t going ask them to do something completely ridiculous.

(we would never ask you to do something completely ridiculous would we???)

See you guys at yoga tonight?????!


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